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  • How does Professional Typist Services™ get the work done?
    We guide our clients through a simple 8-Step Process: STEP 1: Browse our Catalogue of Services You can browse our Catalogue of Services by clicking here. Make sure to Identify the relevant service(s) that you require. Please note that our Catalogue list is non-exhaustive and as such not all of the various types of services we perform are listed. Custom Unlisted Services can be directly Requested by following Step 2. _________________________________ STEP 2: Request a Quote – (FREE of charge) Once you have identified the service(s) that you require, please: Select “Get in Touch” (under a service); or Go to our “Get a Quote” page by clicking here. As mentioned in Step 1, our Catalogue list is non-exhaustive and as such not all of the various types of services we perform are listed. You can also order your Custom Unlisted Service(s) by: Visiting our “Get a Quote” page by clicking here. Alternatively, you can Email us to Request a Quote. _________________________________ STEP 3: Consult with a Skilled Wordsmith™ – (FREE of charge) Once your Request for a Quote is received, one of our Skilled Wordsmiths™ will contact you by way of Email or WhatsApp message (via our Official WhatsApp account). This is a Free Consultation, and we will never charge you for such a Consultation. The Skilled Wordsmith™ consulting with you will obtain all the necessary information and instructions from you pertaining to the provision of your chosen Service(s). The Skilled Wordsmith™ will then inform you of the estimated time frame for the successful completion of your Project. Based on your requirements, the Skilled Wordsmith™ will furnish you with a Quote for the total cost of your service(s), as well as a Quote for the upfront Deposit payable. Don’t worry, you only have to pay the Deposit at this early stage (not the full amount), and it’s only a fraction of the total cost. _________________________________ STEP 4: Pay the Deposit Once all of the relevant requirements of your chosen service(s) have been furnished on a Skilled Wordsmith™, you will be sent a secure Payment Link to make payment of the Deposit amount quoted to you. So be sure to have your Debit or Credit Card at hand. For your convenience, be sure to pay the Deposit amount as soon as is practicably possible in order for work on your Project to officially begin. Important Note: This is a non-refundable Deposit. This Deposit serves 2 functions: (1) to secure your order for work to begin immediately, and (2) to sustain our cashflows until your final settlement of account is effected. _________________________________ STEP 5: Continuous Progress Reports Throughout the specified time frame of your Project, your Skilled Wordsmith™ will provide you with continuous updates and Progress Reports on the state of your Project. You, as our esteemed client, are also more than welcome to make any further enquiries or furnish additional instructions in respect of your Project. In addition to providing Progress Reports, we may require additional information from you from time to time, as and when needed. We pride ourselves on our consistently open and honest communication channels! _________________________________ STEP 6: Preview the Final Product Once we have executed all of your instructions and thrown in our own bit of magic, we will furnish you with a redacted Preview of your Final Product. This Preview will not be encompassing of the whole document or project, but rather a small yet substantial part of it. This allows you to peruse the quality of work while we maintain a sense of security that the final settlement of your account will take place. If you require any revisions, amendments, or deletions to your Final Product (as Previewed), these will be done expeditiously and at no additional charge. _________________________________ STEP 7: Pay the Outstanding Balance Once you are satisfied with the outcome of your Project, your Skilled Wordsmith™ will send you a final secure Payment Link for you to make payment of the balance outstanding of your total service cost (less the deposit amount). So be sure to have your Debit or Credit Card at hand. This, in effect, equates to the settlement of your account, as you pay the remainder of the total cost (originally quoted total amount) LESS the deposit amount which you paid earlier. _________________________________ STEP 8: Receipt of Completed Final Product Once you have paid the outstanding amount in settlement of your account, your Skilled Wordsmith™ will furnish you with the Complete and unencumbered version of your Final Product, containing all relevant information without restriction. If for some reason, you discover issues or problems with, or simply wish to make alterations to your Final Product, we will make such alterations for you completely free of charge, subject to the condition below.* *Post-Completion Alterations are only free of charge for a period not exceeding 3 calendar days from the date of original furnishing of the Completed Final Product (after settlement of client account). On exceptional occasions, extenuating circumstances may prove sufficient for an extension of the period for Post-Completion Alterations (for more information, see our Terms of Use). _________________________________ That's it! Our Process is that simple!
  • What is meant by "Outsourced Admin & Academia™"?"
    We understand that everyone is busy. Everyone has Deadlines to meet and a lot of work-related stress to deal with, amongst other things. In response to that, we provide all kinds of Administrative, Writing, Research, and Typing services online 24/7. We're in the Business of Meeting Deadlines. Let's Meet Deadlines, Together. Our Expert Services include the following: Proofreading & Editing Business & Academic Research (and Reporting on the Findings) Business Plan Drafting Company Profile Refurbishment Branding & Design Document Summarising & Excel Spreadsheet Drafting Transcription & Document Conversions Curriculum Vitae (CV) Drafting & Editing Data Capture & Entry Drafting Letters / Manuals / Policies, etc. Retyping & Paraphrasing General Typing Services Custom Client Services Our expertise is virtually endless... (Not a brag; our Skilled Wordsmiths™ just work extremely hard to be the best and to meet your needs)
  • What kind of clientele does Professional Typist Services™ cater to?
    We provide our exceptional writing services to: Companies, Students, and Individuals across South Africa, the African continent, and the rest of the World. Regardless of who you are and what you do, we provide our Outsourced Admin & Academia services to anyone and everyone (*subject to T’s and C’s). By the way, don't worry, although our rates vary per service, they're always affordable! We can guarantee that. Please Note: Qualifying Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs), Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), and Charities receive discounted rates on all services, forever! For more info: click here.
  • What sets Professional Typist Services™ apart from other Writing and Typist businesses?
    Apart from being exceptional writers, our staff complement consists of: A Project Management Professional (PMP); Commercial Law Professionals; Finance Professionals; ICT Professionals; Education Professionals; and various other Industry Professionals. Why? Because we believe that every single task requires the best quality of service possible. Our writing prowess is combined with expert industry knowledge from specialist industry professionals! In this manner, your documents will be exceptionally well-written while specifically catering to the technicalities of your particular field or research area. But that's not all... To develop new perspectives and insight, we also hire and train exceptional Tertiary Students from Universities across South Africa (and soon the rest of the world)! Also, did we mention...? We operate online 24/7.
  • In which countries do Professional Typist Services™ operate?
    We’re based in South Africa but since we’re online, we serve ALL countries across the world (remotely). Our clients are truly Global Citizens, and so are we!
  • Does Professional Typist Services™ only operate online?
    Yes. We operate solely online for the ease of access of our clients, no matter where in the world they are. We find this model to be quite effective from a productivity standpoint.
  • What are Professional Typist Services™' operating hours?
    We operate online: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always prepared for any task, no matter what time of day it is. Interested in our services? You can Request a Quote: By filling in our “Get a Quote” form; or By emailing us at
  • Are the services offered by Professional Typist Services™ expensive?
    No, not at all! Our services are affordable, and extremely competitively priced. Keep in mind, however, that every single task and every client's requirements are different, so our rates tend to vary, but not to such a great extent that your pocket would spontaneously combust. We respect you and we're here to make your life easier and less financially burdened. :)
  • What payment methods are accepted by Professional Typist Services™?
    Our Payment Method options are extensive. However, our main Payment Method is via Secure Online Payment Links. We find this method to be instantaneous, highly secure, and convenient for both ourselves and our clients. How does it work? We send our clients safe and secure Online Payment Links generated by a reputable payment-gateway company that specialises in safe and secure online transactions. This reputable company is: Yoco ( When you make payment to us via an Online Payment Link, the transaction reflects immediately on your end as well as on our end. Please be sure to have your Credit or Debit Card at hand, as you will be required to enter your Card details into the secure Payment Link form. Lastly, be sure to only accept payment requests from the official communication channels of Professional Typist Services™.* *We will never send you a payment request via an unofficial channel. Also, we typically only send you 2 payment links per Project: (1) the first before work begins, for payment of the deposit amount; and (2) the second after work is completed, for settlement of your account (payment of the outstanding balance).
  • Can Professional Typist Services™ provide services on extended contractual bases (e.g. via retainer fee programmes)?
    Of course! We offer short, medium, and long-term Premium Service Bundles to our clients. Our Premium Service Bundles are 100% customisable in terms of service composition. Our process works quite simply. You enter into a contract with us, pay the agreed-upon deposit amount upfront, and facilitate the regular agreed-upon payments through the course of our extended contractual relationship. For more info on our Premium Service Bundles, kindly email us directly at Use Subject: "Quote — Premium Service Bundle". We look forward to hearing from you!
  • What is the typical turnaround time for projects handled by Professional Typist Services™?
    We have 2 Service Delivery Options: 1) Standard Service Delivery: The typical turnaround time for most of our services is a maximum of 5 calendar days. Please note, however, that this duration may be subject to increase under mitigating circumstances, such as with longer-term projects or a combination of various services. 2) Express Service Delivery: However, if you have unnervingly pressing Deadlines, we offer Express Service Delivery. This means that we’ll accomplish your Express task within 1 to 3 calendar days!* *The durations of our Express Service Delivery option are Entirely dependent on objective criteria such as: (1) project-specific demands, (2) amount of additional work required, and (3) the availability of specifically required staff. Lastly, please note that our Express Service Delivery option tends to cost slightly more than our Standard Service Delivery option, within reasonable parameters of course.
  • Does Professional Typist Services™ offer writing courses or writing education and training?
    Definitely! We provide consistently high-quality writing tips and best practices via our Blog. In the near future we plan on starting fully-fledged online writing courses, most of which will be for free just like all of our freely accessible Blog articles. Check out our new Blog by clicking here!
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